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13 JUL - 25 AUG

Summer holiday at the Maritime Museum

The museum is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and that is why there is a party all summer long in the museum for young and old adventurers. Get on board this summer and discover the maritime world of now, then and the future.

A day out for adventurers of all ages, from all over the world. From 13 to 25 August, in addition to our contemporary exhibitions, additional activities will be organized every day.

Like everyone from the maritime world, the Maritime Museum likes to look beyond the horizon and tell everyone about the wonderful world 'on and under the water', whether here in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world.

July 13 to August 25 - Welcome aboard this summer!

Do it yourself, participate or watch and listen: there is something for everyone to experience this summer. Get on board and go on an adventure in our exhibitions: search for new energy at sea in the Offshore Experience, travel from dam to world port with the virtual metro through Rotterdam in the exhibition 'Destination Port City' and get a sneak preview of our depot in the exhibition 'The Haven'. But there is more: there are extra activities for young and old every day this summer: workshops, hands-on activities, treasure hunts, boat trips and reading moments where people read from exciting maritime books.

There is always something to see and experience at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. Get on board and join in!

In the warm summer months we organize historical boat trips from the Maritime Museum Harbour.

See the Erasmus Bridge, the SS Rotterdam and the skyline of the city of Rotterdam from the water and discover everything about the special history of our museum ships. The crew is happy to tell you about the ship, its history, technology and the future of these sailing monuments.

Dockyard V op de Nieuwe Maas

What animals, creatures and plants are there in the deep sea? Where you can only go in your imagination or with a deep-sea robot. Let your imagination go and give it color.

This summer you will learn just like a real sailor: how to tie a rope, tie knots and swab on the deck. Also take a look at our workshops. The blacksmith is regularly at work in the forge and in the wood workshop they build a real lifeboat.

Would you like to relax for a moment? Then inquire whether the skipper of the whisper boat is available for a tour through the old city harbors of Rotterdam. (the cruises are not included in the entrance fee).

In the exhibition Anchored?! explore with your parents or supervisors and learn more about young people, their roots and your own through an interactive tour.

Discover the world and its inhabitants together with your child. Where do you come from? Where do they come from? Do you look alike or not at all? What do you know about your own origins, other cultures and customs? Maybe you will know more together after this treasure hunt.

Immerse yourself in a unique audio experience and listen to the real underwater sounds of the North Sea and the ports of Rotterdam.

Step into a world of underwater sounds in the 'Sea Monster' presentation

This special experience takes you to the depths of the sea, where you can hear sounds in the same way as the fish. Stand in front of the whale's ear - hold your breath and let yourself be carried away by the mysterious underwater sounds.

This presentation is not only an auditory delight, but also a journey through the sounds of our waters.

The entire summer holidays in the museum

During the entire summer holidays you can follow the best activities and workshops in the museum.

  • Maritieme Speurtocht
  • LEGO Challenge
  • VR Experience: Drop in the ocean

The best workshops during the summer holidays

Time to get started! These fun workshops are not available all summer long. When are you coming?

  • Clean Up Kajak
  • Crafting with SCRAPXL
  • Make a submarine stuffed animal
  • Transform plastic trash
  • Painting sails
  • Drawing proverbs and sayings

Free entrance with the Jeugd Vakantiepaspoort

Do you have a vakantiepaspoort? Then you can visit us once for free this holiday and you will receive a treasure hunt as a gift.

Want to know more about the vakantiepaspoort?

It's a party because it's our birthday!

The Maritime Museum has been around for 150 years and over those years a wealth of maritime objects and stories have been collected. We want everyone to enjoy this treasure and learn about what it was like then, what it is like now and what the dreams and predictions are for the future. How come the ships can sail so quickly and economically? Was it always like that? How much grain fits in an inland vessel and how many packages in a modern container? How do you tie a real sailor's knot and how is that rope made?

The icing on the cake: the Maritime Festival

We end the summer with the Maritime Festival. The museum program in the Maritime Museum Harbor during the World Port Days.

Get on board at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam

  • Contemporary exhibitions
  • Workshops every day
  • Historical cruises three times a week
  • Almost daily cruises through the Maritime District
  • Playing every day on a modern windmill
  • Every day a treasure hunt through the Maritime Museum Harbor
  • Regularly guests of ships
  • Events hosted in the Maritime Museum Harbor
  • Daily audio tour of the museum harbour
  • Various daily activities for young and old adventurers

The summer is made possible by:

  • Uitagenda Rotterdam
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