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De smid laat zien hoe men het hete ijzer kunt smeden.
Our smith in action

Our smith in action

Discover the smith’s craft! See from close up how the smith helps with the maintenance of our fleet. Sparks fly in a spectacular demonstration.

Ships are made of steel, so smiths are important metalworkers. They are still indispensable for work that cannot be done by machines, such as certain maintenance of our museum ships. Our smith knows exactly how to bend or join metal. This is done by making it very hot – up to 1000 degrees! The smith can make rivets, hooks and chains, as he will be happy to show you.

Experience the demonstrations and workshops!

Regularily, the master smith and his students are working on the maintenance of our sailing collection. Many parts for our historical ships and cranes are no longer for sale and are therefore custom made in the workshops.


The demonstrations are depending on the availability of a blacksmith. You'll find the current times in the museum.

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