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Terms and conditions for room hire

These general terms and conditions apply to every agreement and quotation for hiring rooms and facilities. The ‘Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca’ (Uniform Hospitality Terms and Conditions) apply to all reservations.

The “lessor” is the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, which is hiring out rooms and/or facilities to the hirer.
The “hirer” is the person or entity using the room(s) and/or facility made available to them by the lessor.

General provisions
Special conditions apply to visits to the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. These terms and conditions can be found below. The hirer hereby guarantees that the members of the visiting party will act in observance of the visitor rules.

If the hirer fails to comply with the provisions included in the contract in respect of the organisation or people as well as the purpose of the meeting or gathering as described, this will be deemed to be a breach of contract whereby the lessor reserves the right to declare the agreement dissolved without further judicial intervention.

Pursuant to Article 9.4.2 of the Uniforme Voorwaarden Horeca (Uniform Hospitality Terms and Conditions), the following proportionate percentages of the booking value shall apply which are to be paid by the hirer to the lessor in the event of cancellation by the hirer:

More than 6 months ahead of the date/time booked: 0%

More than 3 months ahead of the date/time booked: 10%

More than 2 months ahead of the date/time booked: 15%

More than 1 month ahead of the date/time booked: 35%

More than 14 days ahead of the date/time booked: 60%

More than 7 days ahead of the date/time booked: 85%

7 days or less ahead of the date/time booked: 100%

Definitive Programme
The definitive programme is to be communicated to the lessor one month ahead of the booking. The “definitive programme” refers to the schedule, the spaces to be used including the set-up, activities, supplies such as furniture and technical equipment and the arrangements for food and drinks.

Tentative and finalised numbers of guests
The hirer is to inform the lessor of the tentative number of guests 14 days ahead of the booked date. The finalised number of guests must be confirmed to the lessor 7 days ahead of the date booked. The finalised number will be allowed to vary from the tentative number by up to 10%. If the lessor is not notified of a change in the tentative number of guests, the tentative number of guests will be deemed to be definitive.

If more guests attend on the date booked than initially reported, the hirer will be billed extra for the excess number of guests.

Our quotes and/or booking confirmations do not factor in any government public health protection measures that may be in place in the event of a pandemic. If the government imposes restrictions in this regard, a new version of the quote/order confirmation will be prepared based on the original version thereof.

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