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Theateropstelling in de Verolmezaal

Verolme Room XL: Oceans of space

Combining the Verolme Room with the Engelbrecht Room creates oceans of space. There is then space for 90 people in the presentation configuration.

If so desired, the Verolme Room can be combined with the adjacent Engelbrecht Room. There is then space for 90 people in the presentation configuration.

Theateropstelling in de Verolmezaal

Cornelis Verolme

This room is named after one of the most famous shipbuilders the Netherlands has ever had, Cornelis Verolme (1900-1981). The guts, vision and perseverance of this man of humble origins let him carve out a global conglomerate during the post-war reconstruction era and the tumultuous 1960s.

De Verolmezaal XL is ideal for:

  • Presentations (90 people)
  • Meetings (28 people)
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Workshops
  • Training courses
  • Staff meetings

The room is available both during and outside opening hours.

  • Theater (90)
  • Cabaret (40)
  • School (26)
  • Flip-over
  • WiFi
  • Laptop
  • Beamer and projection screen
  • Soundsystem with handheld microphone
  • Lectern with table microphone

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