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Programme Museumnacht010

Immerse yourself: the colorful world of Cape Verde

During Museumnacht010, get acquainted with various authentic traditions from Cape Verde. Dance, sing, and drum along in these interactive workshops! Traditional Cape Verdean music styles take you into traditions that have emerged from the history of slavery or have their roots in Eastern Europe.

  • 20:30 Grand opening act
  • 20:45 Batuku Workshop
  • 21:15 Mazurka Workshop
  • 21:45 Live music: Morabeza Band
    • Mazurka, Coladeira, Morna & Funana
  • 22:15 São João Workshop
  • 22:45 Carnival Workshop
  • 23:15 Live music: Morabeza Band
    • Carnaval, Coladeira, Batuku, São João
  • 00:00 DJ: Torres Gomes
  • 01:00 End of the evening

During Museumnacht010, Deck 1 becomes a stage in the Verolme Room for three young individuals. They will reflect on Cape Verdean culture from their perspective and share what it means to them. Additionally, they will delve into maritime stories, considering the history of most Cape Verdeans, which unfolded through the sea.

You can also test your knowledge in the Maritime Pub Quiz in the Library.

  • 21:00 Youngstage with Jane Ortet, Amanda Almeida and Vilson Tavares
  • 21:15 Maritime Pub Quiz
  • 21:30 Youngstage with Jane Ortet
  • 21:45 Maritime Pub Quiz
  • 22:00 Youngstage with Amanda Almeida
  • 22:15 Maritime Pub Quiz
  • 22:30 Youngstage with Vilson Tavares
  • 22:45 Maritime Pub Quiz

Be enchanted by the Language Night, an initiative that brings together Rotterdammers during Museumnacht010. Enjoy captivating recitations at the Maritime Museum, where language students, guided by poet Derek Otte and other Rotterdam wordsmiths, showcase their talents.

Experience the city through a special city walk, where you can visit various museums under guidance, including the Maritime Museum and other participating institutions. It's a unique opportunity to explore the city, language, and art, while raising awareness about language and low literacy in Rotterdam.

  • 20:15 Language Night Session 1
  • 21:00 Language Night Session 2
  • 21:30 Language Night Session 3

Meet the makers of Anchored?!

The Maritime Museum presents an exhibition about migration by sea. 'Anchored?!' is an exhibition with personal stories from young Rotterdam creators.

The creators each tell their unique and often moving story in their own way. Stories from the first, second, or third generation, told from their perspective. Whether factual or poignant, many can identify with the experience.

During Museum Night, various creators will be present to tell their own story.

Market stalls

  • Carmen Boerestam
    Indulge in delicious Surinamese snacks such as cookies, cakes, cassava chips, and banana chips.
  • Diambar Origins
    Explore handmade African art and more.
  • Giselientje
    Giselientje aims to convey positive, colorful energy through handmade jewelry.
  • Lena’s Store
    Unique yet affordable items. From distinctive jewelry to vintage clothing and from colorful fans to nostalgic home accessories.
  • Atanasia (from restaurant Ta Lois)
    Treat your taste buds to the tastiest pastries.

Discover all performances and speakers

Morabeza is a versatile band consisting of four talented Cape Verdean musicians who have built rich experience in both traditional Cape Verdean music and beyond.

This diversity forms the core of their musical identity. The band draws from a deep tradition but also embraces influences from genres such as jazz, Brazilian music, and Latin, creating a unique and dynamic sound. Their repertoire ranges from accompanying work to independent concerts, featuring both sung songs and instrumental pieces.

Paulo Bouwman is a prominent guitarist in the Cape Verdean music scene, and his versatility extends to ensembles ranging from Brazilian to jazz, pop, and soul. In addition to his work as an accompanist and producer for various artists, he takes on the role of a singer in Morabeza.

Toy Vieira, a legendary keyboardist and master producer, has built an impressive portfolio during his forty-year career on the Cape Verdean islands and beyond. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has recorded and produced numerous albums, collaborating with renowned national and international musicians, including Cesaria Évora and Stromae.

Francelino Silva, a graduate of the conservatory in Amsterdam with a specialization in jazz, brings his distinctive jazzy style to every band he plays in. He has made his mark on both the Cape Verdean music scene and the jazz scene in Europe through collaborations with various artists.

Walter Matos, with his drumming, provides the rhythmic foundation that defines the sound of Morabeza. As a versatile musician, he masters various genres, from Cape Verdean music to soul, pop, and gospel. In addition to his role as a drummer, he also contributes to the band's arrangements, making him an integral part of their musical creativity.

Singer Mariana Ramos has been specially invited as a guest artist for the event, accompanied by the Morabeza Band.

Mariana Ramos is one of the representatives of Cape Verdean music, and with her musical versatility, she interprets many music genres that Cape Verde encompasses. Mariana also has a (musical) connection with Rotterdam, as her father was part of the popular band from Cape Verde, 'Voz de Cabo Verde.' The band was founded in Rotterdam in 1966.

Batuku is one of the oldest musical forms from Cape Verde and originally hails from the Cape Verdean island of Santiago. Traditionally, it was predominantly practised by women.

The music likely has its roots in the music that enslaved Africans brought to Cape Verde from the 15th century onwards. The music and dance were forbidden for a long time due to the secret messages conveyed through the music and the sensual dance movements. The group Batuku é Nos Alma will be leading the Batuku workshop.

Batuku é Nos Alma translates to Batuku is our soul. The name is derived from the poem 'Kaoberdiano Dambará' by Nha Dunda, which pays tribute to Batuku.

The group Batuku é Nos Alma is composed of various Batuku groups in Rotterdam and was founded in 2020.

Mazurka is a traditional dance and music genre originating in Eastern Europe. It is a dance in triple meter with an additional emphasis on the second beat.

Outside of Europe, Mazurka has gained popularity, including on Cabo Verde. The group Flores das Ilhas is a Mazurka dance group in Rotterdam, providing the Mazurka dance workshop.

Flores das Ilhas translates to 'Flowers of the Islands,' referencing the various Cape Verdean islands. Flores das Ilhas originally is a traditional Mazurka dance group but also organizes social and community activities, such as the annual Valentine's dinner for the homeless.

Photo: Fierté De Cactus (unsplash.com/@fiertedecactus)

São João, also known as the Feast of St. John, is a Christian holiday celebrated on June 24th. It commemorates the birth of John the Baptist, also known as São João Baptista.

In Cape Verde, the day is celebrated with a procession, drumming, and a boat ritual. During the festival, prayers are also offered for the protection of sailors. In Rotterdam, the celebration has been taking place for over 40 years on Heemraadsplein. The square even has an official sign with the name "Pracinha d'Quebrod" (platzakkeplein), as the first generation of Cape Verdeans originally named it. The workshop will be conducted by experienced individuals who have been drumming at the São João celebration on Heemraadsplein for many years.

Photo: Unsplash

Carnival is one of the traditions of Cape Verde. Every year, the celebration is grand and extravagant, transforming the island of São Vicente into a mini Brazil.

The first generation of Cape Verdeans in Rotterdam were involved in the initial editions of the current Summer Carnival in the 1980s.

The dance workshop Carnival is provided by the Samba school Lita Morena.

Dancer Lita Morena was born on Cape Verde, on the island of Santo Antão, and grew up on the island of São Vicente. At a young age, she got involved in carnival, dancing annually in the carnival parade on São Vicente. At the age of 18, she moved to Rotterdam, and soon after, she participated in the Rotterdam Summer Carnival. She is recognized at the Summer Carnival as the 'Samba Queen.'

Lita Morena has her own Samba school where she teaches weekly classes. Additionally, she performs Samba shows and carnival workshops across the Netherlands and internationally.

Amanda Almeida

Amanda Almeida is a Cape Verdean R&B singer from Rotterdam, enriching her music with a touch of Pop and Soul.

Her musical journey began with experimenting with a cappella music, resulting in the theatre show “Amanda versus Amanda.” The music featured in the theatre show was also released on an EP with the support of Women Connected and a Voordekunst crowdfunding campaign. Amanda has a passion for African dance and culture, leading her to explore the Afrobeat genre. Her EP 'Summer Lovin' is a result of this exploration. Amanda aims to inspire others by sharing her journey of openness, self-discovery, and creativity.

Jane Ortet

Jane Ortet considers it her mission to introduce Black History to the young generation in a truly enchanting way.

Every day, she shares intriguing stories on her Instagram and Facebook pages that highlight the depth of Black History. For Jane, Black History is not just a subject to search for in our society; it is a treasure that receives little attention in schools and homes. It goes far beyond the familiar narratives of slavery, colonialism, civil rights movements, and pop culture.

It encompasses the beauty of one of the very first civilizations, infused with scientific discoveries, thoughtful in development, steeped in art, and imbued with culture. By telling the story of our origin, Jane not only unveils the past but also points the way to our future. Her daily stories serve as a bridge between what is often overlooked and what we should cherish, all presented with a profound beauty that touches the soul.

Vilson Tavares

Vilson Tavares begins his musical journey at a very young age. The sounds of the accordion steal his heart, and he practices the instrument.

Playing the instrument, he compares to dancing his hands over the keys of the accordion. As an accordionist, he is constantly on a journey of discovery, exploring the harmonies that touch the soul. The accordion is an instrument that gives a defining sound in the authentic Cape Verdean music genre, Funana.

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