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Goodbye to Professor Splash?

Will you come and say goodbye to Professor Splash?

For 33 years, Professor Splash has had his own children's exhibition in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. Here he conducts research, teaches the children more about the maritime world in a playful way and prepares for a world trip.

After four editions of his own exhibition, it is finally time for the big journey. Professor Splash has travelled before, conducting research and collecting objects for his collection of special maritime objects. But now it's time for the ultimate journey. Professor Splash and his friends, Mecha Mo, Sai-Ling, Captain Cork and Dobber will also join the journey. Even Villain Scurvy steps on board 'unnoticed'.

Departure: May 8.

The professor and his friends will set sail on Wednesday, May 8 at 2:00 PM and everyone is welcome to see them off.

Mecha Mo starts the engine, Captain Kurk pilots the ship and Sai-Ling helps with navigation. Ship's dog Dobber enjoys the view and Villain Scurvy is everywhere and nowhere on the ship. To be on the safe side, customs dog Doerak, from the Belasting & Douane Museum, will also accompany us for the first part. He ensures that there are no unwanted items on board.

The farewell ceremony of Professor Splash in the Maritime Museum Harbor is free of charge. If you want to visit the museum yourself, you must purchase an entrance ticket.

Are you coming to Splash for the last time?

Professor Splash' exhibition will be open for the last time on Sunday, May 26. After this, the construction of our brand new children's activity exhibition will start. There will be activities for the littlest visitors all summer long.

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