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Saturday march 2nd


Rotterdam, the harbour city where many cultures come together to shape the city collectively. A city where the Maritime Museum has been providing a space for encounters, storytelling, and collecting the most beautiful stories for 150 years. The place that, on March 2nd, during Museumnacht010, introduces you to one of the most distinct Rotterdam cultures, traditions, and rituals: that of Cape Verde.

Immerse yourself: the colorful world of Cape Verde.

Experience an evening during Museumnacht010 where your senses will be fully stimulated. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythmic sounds and delightful scents and flavours of Cape Verde. Gain a unique insight into the kitchen of the Rotterdammer from Cape Verde.

Participate in traditional dance and music workshops during Museumnacht and be inspired by spoken word and personal stories. Of course, a visit to the new exhibition "Anchored?!," showcasing personal stories of migration by sea from ten young, Rotterdam creators, is a must. We complete the evening with the annual maritime pub quiz and a DJ.

Come, meet and immerse yourself in Cape Verdean culture in Rotterdam! 

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Immerse yourself in the colourful world of Cape Verde.
What will you discover at the Maritime Museum?

When you hear the traditional music from Cape Verde by the Rotterdam band Morabeza, it's impossible to stay still. Let your hips loose and dance along!

Get to know Mariana Ramos, a singer with Cape Verdean roots. Her father, Toy Ramos, was part of the first Dutch popular band from Cape Verde in the late '50s: Voz de Cab Verde.

Also, the Cape Verdean singer Chando Graciosa, along with the young talent Wilson Tavares, performs the traditional Batuku and Funana from Cape Verde. These music styles are inseparably linked to the slavery history of Cape Verde.

During Museumnacht010, get acquainted with various authentic traditions from Cape Verde. Dance, sing, and drum along in these interactive workshops! Traditional Cape Verdean music styles take you into traditions that have emerged from the history of slavery or have their roots in Eastern Europe.

Listen to the drums of São João, a ritual honoring the birth of Saint John the Baptist. This celebration has been held in Rotterdam on Heemraadsplein for over 40 years.

Carnival is also an annual celebration in Cape Verde, and that's why Cape Verdeans have been participating in the Rotterdam Summer Carnival since the '80s, a grand celebration that brings the city to life every year.

Test your knowledge in our maritime pub quiz.

How many uninhabited islands make up Cape Verde? In which country can you find the largest Cape Verdean community? What is the actual link between the maritime world and Cape Verde? After this pub quiz, you'll leave our library as a true expert and perhaps even as the winner of an amazing prize package!

Youngstage: let yourself be moved

With the Youngstage, the museum provides a stage for three young people with Cape Verdean roots. Paulo, Jane, and Amanda share their (maritime) story from a unique perspective.

Arriving somewhere unfamiliar, feeling at home or not, saying goodbye: these are topics everyone can relate to.

That was the inspiration for the Maritime Museum to create an exhibition about migration by sea. 'Anchored?!' is an exhibition with personal stories from young Rotterdam creators.

The creators each tell their unique and often moving story in their own way. Stories from the first, second, or third generation, told from their perspective. Whether factual or poignant, many can identify with the experience.

During Museumnacht010, various creators will be present to tell their own story.

Discover the past, present, and future of Rotterdam in the exhibition 'Destination Port City.' Step into a virtual metro and travel from the dam to the world harbour. Find out how the Rotterdam harbour grew to become the largest in Europe. From dam to world harbour.

Rotterdammers take you into their stories about various places in the city, unmistakably shaped by the influence of the harbour. This exhibition is a journey through time, showing that the city and harbour influence each other and are inseparably connected.

Step into the story of the damming of the Rotte and travel from the centre to Rotterdam South, through the harbour area to the future. Along the way, you'll encounter beautiful pieces from our collection and hear stories about turbulent developments.

Embark on a voyage of discovery aboard the sailing ship Oosterschelde!

While this unique Rotterdam ship sails around the world, we make a special stop on one of the islands of Cape Verde specifically for Museum Night. Join the young researchers who have been to the island of Ilhéu Raso and seize the opportunity to view rare world maps with one of our curators!

From Cape Verdean pastries to African jewellery and Surinamese cassava chips. Dive into this lively market filled with flavours and styles that reflect the rich culture of the evening.

Let yourself be enchanted by Language Night, an initiative that brings together Rotterdammers during Museumnacht010.

Enjoy captivating recitations at the Maritime Museum, where language students, guided by poet Derek Otte and other Rotterdam wordsmiths, showcase their talents.

Experience the city through a special city walk, where you can visit various museums under guidance, including the Maritime Museum and other participating institutions. It's a unique opportunity to explore the city, language, and art, while raising awareness about language and low literacy in Rotterdam.

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