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Guest ships

You will discover unique sailing heritage in our museum harbour. You will find our own vessels and cranes there, but we also regularly invite other vessels. From tall ships to fishing vessels, from a solar boat to patrol vessels.

KNRM lifeboat weekend

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam commemorates the 200th anniversary of the KNRM with a temporary mini-exhibition and several activities. On May 24, 25 and 26, four lifeboats will be with us in the museum harbour.

This 1965 English lifeboat was the first Clyde Class ship to have the crew stay on board 24/7 and the first double-hulled steel lifeboat.

The design was the result of a 10-year study and represented a radical change in the rescue industry. After 22 years as a lifeboat “Charles H Barrett” she was taken out of service in 1990 and sold to a Dutch owner in 2002. The ship was renamed 'Dolphin' and converted into a private and charter vessel.

In 1963, the lifeboat “Koningin Juliana” entered service with the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM)

This type of lifeboat was faster, more reliable and safer than earlier rowing and steam lifeboats. In addition, easier to manoeuvre due to the double rudders. Since the 1980s, these types of lifeboats have also been overtaken by technological developments and replaced by even faster lifeboats. Despite 30 years of service on one of the busiest shipping lanes in the Netherlands – the Nieuwe Maas- the “Koningin Juliana” is still in excellent condition.

This oak beach lifeboat from Denmark went into the water from Texel under the name 'Eierland'. 

Over the years, this beach motor lifeboat would change its name twice. Until 1980, the 'Van Rietschoten' was used as a lifeboat from the Wadden Islands, Den Helder and Harlingen. The lifeboat was also modernized and equipped with a radar, radar antenna and deer radar reflector. Later, motor beach lifeboats were also built in the Netherlands, but made of teak. It wasn't until the 1990s that these boats gradually were replaced by RIBs.

In the 25 years that the lifeboat “Johanna Louisa” was in service (1968-1993) at the IJmuiden rescue station, it was involved in many rescues.

The lifeboat now serves as a public relations lifeboat for the KNRM. Because with such a special lifeboat, it continues to offer a penetrating introduction to rescue work at sea. The “Johanna Louisa” is a self-righting lifeboat of the so-called Carlot class, of which five have been built since 1960 five were built for the then Royal North and South Holland Rescue Society.

The HELENA is the permanent guest ship in our museum harbour.

This is the oldest sailing inland vessel in the Netherlands in its original condition. The HELENA is a beautiful ship to see from the jetty. Would you like to see the inside of the ship? Then a boat trip is recommended.

This floating supermarket from 1962 is a household name in Dutch inland navigation and the pinnacle of parlevinker culture in the Netherlands.

In the past, skippers and skipper's wives did their shopping from their own ship, because there was no time to stop the ship for shopping. Owner Wim van Hooren is well-known in the boating world, until 2008 he sailed around with his parlevinker as a supermarket owner and now he roams the Dutch waters and nautical events.

Wim van Horen in his parlevinker

The HUGO was built in 1929 for German clients by C.V. Shipyard and Machine Factory v/h Botje & Ensing & Co in Groningen.

This steam tug served its entire professional period as harbor tug 'HUGO HEDRICH' in the port of Hamburg. The tug was returned to the Netherlands in 1977 and purchased in 1985 by A de Leeuw in Voorburg, now Zaandam. This owner put the HUGO back into service after years of restoration. The 'HUGO' is now owned by Sven van der Vorm and the activities are part of the 'Hugo' Steam Tugboat Foundation.

The Maritime Museum is the historic heart of the Maritime District, the area in the middle of the city center, where the port of Rotterdam once began. Here, high-rise and maritime history stand side by side. Here you will find unique sailing heritage and activities on and around the water, on a skyscraping waterfront.

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