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Terms and conditions for library visitors

The terms and conditions of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam apply in the library. We also impose additional conditions for visitors to the library.

  • The library is a place of study and appropriate behaviour is appreciated.
  • The library is open to all. A separate library admission ticket can be obtained at our front desk in the museum entrance hall.
  • This ticket cannot be used to visit the other parts of the museum or the exhibitions.
  • Books cannot be borrowed by external parties. In other words, it is not possible to take books belonging to the
  • Maritime Museum library home with you. Nearly all its publications can be consulted without restriction in the library.
  • The library uses camera surveillance with image recording.
  • Coats and bags must not be taken to the library reading tables. There is an unsupervised coat rail in the library. Coats and bags can also be stored securely in the lockers in the museum entrance hall.
  • You are not allowed to bring your own books with you.
  • Public Wi-Fi is available and there are electric sockets for laptops.
  • Phone calls are not permitted.
  • You may only use a pencil and/or a laptop.
  • You may take photos of the books, but only without a flash and without a stand.
  • For a fee, you can copy parts of a publication for your own use. The fee must be paid at the front desk using a debit card. Ask at the library desk.
  • Photocopying fragile or rare works is not allowed. The library officer decides which works are rare or fragile.
  • When you have finished consulting a book, you must leave it lying on the reading table. Visitors are not allowed to place the books back on the bookshelves.
  • Visitors must not bring food, drink or sweets with them.

By ‘old publications’, the Rotterdam Maritime Museum means works that were published before 1850. These publications can be consulted in the library by appointment for academic research purposes. The library has the following procedure in place for consulting old publications

  • To make an appointment, send an e-mail to bibliotheek@maritiemmuseum.nl. The e-mail should contain the following information: details of the person making the request, the research question, and the institution where applicable.
  • When you turn up for your visit, you must show the library officer a valid ID document.
  • At the start of the visit, you will be asked to complete a form together with the library officer for consulting old publications.
  • We will make sure the requested old publications are ready and waiting for you.
  • We will provide a reserved space for you to study, and a special cushion for supporting the old book if necessary.
  • You may consult one old book at a time at your study place.
  • When you have finished consulting an old publication, you should report to the library officer at the desk.
  • Photos can be taken but only without a stand or flash. Professional photos can be ordered for a fee; they will be sent digitally.

nsible for the collection in question. You can submit your request by sending an e-mail to bibliotheek@maritiemmuseum.nl for the attention of the curator in question, naming the specific object(s) with the object numbers and stating the reason why you wish to see the object (e.g. academic research, study, genealogy, etc.). The curator will then contact you by e-m

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